Oak Beach Villa

Welcome to Oak Beach Villa Accommodation. This is a one-of-a-kind accommodation with the best features to make your stay satisfactory.

Our rooms are strategically built to offer you great views of the beach and the ocean. You wake in the morning to calming views and sight.

Whether you’re looking to have a vacation, function, or engage in several activities. Book your accommodation with us today.


What makes the villa accommodation appealing is the quality of the features around it. These features will make your accommodation more fulfilling when you visit. If you're looking to get a vacation or have a beautiful moment in a serene environment, this is a place you should consider.


From Port Douglas, the beach is just 10 minutes drive away. This is the same as a 45-minute drive from Cairns Airport. Once you land at the airport, you can conveniently make your way to the beach with the directions and instructions provided.


What’s a vacation without fun activities? The activities characterise the accommodation and make your experience more fulfilling. At the Oak Beach, you have access to various fun activities to make your experience more fulfilling.


Suppose you’re looking to have a function during your stay, we have got you covered. We have all you need to plan your functions and have a great experience while at it. From food to wines to a playground for your kids, we have everything intact.

Corporate Events

Corporate events require some expertise from the organisers. But you don’t have to worry, we have the required expertise, as we have organised many of such events in the past. If your vacation is primarily to relax and have corporate hangouts with your colleagues, we have got you covered.

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