Make Your Way To The Beach

From Port Douglas, the beach is just 10 minutes drive away. This is the same as a 45-minute drive from Cairns Airport. Once you land at the airport, you can conveniently make your way to the beach with the directions and instructions provided.

Getting to the beach will likely improve your expectations and give you insight into where you’re heading. The road leading to the beach also has various great features that will make you find the entire scenery appealing while making you anticipate what the beach itself will look like.

You get to have a drive past the coastal area, which is a beauty to behold. You can also branch at a few places before finally getting to Oak Beach. Your journey towards the beach is a fulfilling and graceful one.

Oak Beach

The beach is a fantastic accommodation venue that offers you some of the best features you’ll ever get from securing accommodation. The accommodation is specially designed to serve you excellently. From the comfort of your room, you get to have great views in the morning and other parts of the day.

There are also various facilities to help brighten your stay and make your accommodation seamless and more convenient.

More so, the rooms are built strategically to offer you an amazing experience. The rooms are built to welcome breezes that will make the atmosphere more calming and receptive. You also have great views across the room. So, wherever you’re, you can get an amazing view of the ocean.

The accommodation venue also has a wide space for you to walk around. If you come with your partner, you can have beautiful evening walks across gardens and various other places while enjoying the calm breeze that makes your conversations more calming and interesting.